Tiger and Crochet Owls

So the first inspiration to get crocheting was when I saw the cat potholders. Then a second boost was injected one day as I walked into a shop called Flying Tiger. I think it’s a Danish shop and I was told about it by my sister who had happened upon it. The Tiger is a feel good shop. It’s a very clever concept. They sell cheerful things and the incentive to buy lots of cheerful things is enhanced by the feel good music they are playing. When I went for the first time they were playing songs from the sixties and seventies which had me singing along while browsing all the bits and pieces which were colourful, useful and affordable.

Anyway, that day I found a little cardboard box which contained a crochet kit for making a little owl. I paid 3 euros and was chuffed to be able to get started and learn crochet anew. To make the owl was easy. It was very basic as you can see. In fact it did not have a bill, I added those myself. From my first inner push to start doing crochet onwards I had made it a sport to go into any charity shop both in the UK and in Holland which I happened upon and get left over wool balls so I already had lots of little balls of different colours. That first owl got lots of mates:


two owls

four owls

many owls

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