Odd crochet dog

Petsitting is one of my joys. The first time we petsit Billy, Barney and Betsy was glorious. The weather was fine and those dogs are just such a joy to be with. So my time was basically divided into dog walking, playing with the tireless dogs, dog petting, and crochet.

dog Billy and the other dogs

During that petsit I made the cat potholders, but I also wanted to leave a special gift to the lovely homeowners, so I crocheted their dog Billy. Well, let’s say it was an attempt to depict him in crochet:

This is Billy:

dog Billy

This is the crocheted result:

dog Billy crocheted

I realise the colour scheme is not quite Billy, but I had to make do with the available wool. All in all I thought it was a nice result, because I was doing it by heart.

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