Granny square blanket

It was time to go petsitting in Wales again. I went back to the house of my darling Ben and Lola and got into a serious crochet project. I had only just discovered the granny square which is so gratifying to crochet. Reason for this of course is that it is easy and you have a very quick result. If you have read my other posts on crochet you may well understand by now that I am an experimenter rather than a conventionalist, and that I like to just fiddle my way around projects which end up nicely if not perfect.

So I just started doing granny squares and at first I did not really know what I was going to do with them. But since I had bought loads of wool in ┬áthe charity shops in and around Hay on Wye, I did not mind not yet knowing what this project was developing into. I like to go with the flow. I needed de-stressing and so an easy project of loads of granny’s was just the thing. I was able to watch tv in the evenings with one eye, while sitting in front of the blazing fire with Lola on the sofa next to me and Ben at my feet keeping a frantic eye on Lola, since this sheep dog is not into hoarding sheep but into hoarding Lola which was actually hilarious to watch.


He would not get any rest, fascinated as he was with Lola, and the next time I came petsitting he showed the same behaviour to new arrival Malcolm. As the pictures clearly show the cats ignored Ben with disdain.

Getting back to the granny square blanket project.┬áHere’s the making of:





Mum admiring end result on her settee:



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