About this blog

Why this blog? Several reasons really.
Exhibitionism, desire to write, desire for sharing, creating memories, tips for travelers, pleasure of creating. One hopes you’ll enjoy..

What’s it about? This blog is born from the desire to share ones enthousiam for discoveries one made during trips and travels. Whether a museum, a parc, a church, a wonderful bookshop an authors birthplace or the loveliest tearoom. There is no wish to be exhaustive. One realises all finds will only appeal to those who have similar likes.

In the book below about Inuit and Eskimos instead of using the first person singular, people speak from the third person: “one is cooking some soup. One does not want to be a burden unto the young..”  This neutral way of speaking sounds unselfish and less self-centered than me, myself and I. The title of the book is reminiscent of the importance of a smile and of sharing in a friendly, joyful and helping manner.

One really likes it.

Jörn Riel

A story which gives one a beautiful face