Crochet Slippers

After having done some more little projects like a cat with a kitten, some birds and so on which I made into little cushions, I felt the need to make something useful rather than decorative. Although the potholders are of use. But I mean what are you going to do with ten potholders? So I thought it would be a good idea to start experimenting with slippers.

Now I had looked for patterns and there were a few books on crochet which I found – since this crochet virus had not just struck me, but as far as I could see went global – but the books had little drawings with lots of dots and stripes and hooky thingys which I could not decipher. Rather like sheet music. You need to learn to read it. Anyway I had no time to learn to decipher because I just had to crochet. So I just fiddled and made these:


Thing is I don’t like walking on socks in my house. I want some sort of soles underneath because I have 3 cats and so one gets lots of hairs on the slippers. Therefore I needed to add soles. I went to one of those shops where you can have put new soles under your shoes, they usually also duplicate keys. I bought leather inlay soles the biggest size which I cut to fit. Then I hand sewed them on with the strongest thread I could buy on the market. In Holland its called fish thread. Result is maybe a little amateurish, but does the trick:


Of course this started a period of slipper virus. So I made some for me, for mum, for hubby and another pair for me. See next post.


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