Crochet Moccasins

To make those slippers and moccasins I simply set up a string of chains which I held at my foot sole. It was all very approximative because I did not yet know how wool would behave. So I experimented a little, which resulted in some very loose fitting moccasins but they were comfy at the same time.

It also depends on the type of wool you use of course. I chose thick wool so as to create nice warm slippers which can be used either barefoot or with a pair of socks on. It was a pleasure to see how quickly I got some sort of hang of it and to be able to fit them on. Right from the start what I did was: first create one sole, and then immediately the next, instead of finishing one slipper and then make the second one. Reason for this was that I did not write anything down and had to remember how I went about it in order to create a similar pair.

Also I experimented with another type of sole, which gave the slipper a moccasin look. Judge for yourself please:

Moccasinsmoccasins and my working place

For this sole I got chamois leather or wash-leather (don’t know which of the word is best. There are different types of these, even fake ones which are quite sturdy. However not as strong as the leather soles I put on the first pair of slippers I crocheted, see the result:

the leather soles of used moccasins

Should have taken a pic after I just done them of the bottom as well. But as you can see I wear them lots and I just got some new chamois to replace these. I won’t bother taking this off but simply sew it on top.

Then a couple of weeks ago I could not sleep and was staying at my friends in Devon. At the time I was working on a big shawl. Using expensive wool and carefully crocheting it. So as it was 3 in the morning, I wanted an easier task and since I had forgotten to bring my slippers I decided to make a new pair. See next post please.

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