Crochet Beanies

After the feet came the head. My sons girlfriend had a crochet hat which she liked but asked me if I could make a similar one in a different colour. I tried:

(beanies) changing of colour

As the pro crocheter will notice my changing of colour without evident marking-skill is not yet well developed but I figured that could be worn as back. Note the edging which I added and which gives the beanie a nice girlish touch.┬áBob’s girlfriend liked the hat.

I made some more.

colored beaniescolored beanies (other site)

Then I went on holiday to the USA, we were driving a camper van and soon during stops I missed my crochet which I had not taken with me. I was happy to discover that in America there are also charity shops which I think are called thrift shops rather and so I soon procured wool and crochet hooks. I did not have a pattern and so I made this rather ridiculous hat which on my head looks even more weird, but just to show you that all projects do not have happy endings:

ridiculous hat (beanies)

Anxiously my friend asked: you are not going to wear that are you? And I definitely wasn’t going to…

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